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What is Edugament?

Edugament was founded on the idea to bridge education, gaming and entertainment. As the world becomes modernised, so does its dependency on technology for almost everything, even education as children get exposed to technology at very early stages of their lives. Edugament aims to reduce that by providing board gaming services which teaches learn and play while maintaining human interaction in person

  • Board game collection in schools and workplaces

    Starting a board game collection in your work/school environment

    Thinking of starting a new CCA in your school or a board game library in your workplace? We'll gladly curate a list that would suit your environment! Contact us below and let us help you out!

    Prices vary based on purchase

  • Using board games in workplaces

    Team-bonding in workplaces

    Interested in hosting a gathering in your own office? We are able host game sessions for your colleagues and friends. Games vary from fun competitive to co-operative games

    Prices are 15SGD/pax

  • Board gaming in educational setting

    Workshops in educational settings

    Are you a childcare educator or a teacher? Did you know that are a lot of board games that would thrive in an educational setting? Such concepts would complement alongside conventional styled lessons. Allow us to show you how!

    Prices are 15SGD/pax

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