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Mercurial (Preorder) (Est. Delivery Aug - Sep 2023)

Mercurial (Preorder) (Est. Delivery Aug - Sep 2023)

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Control the chaos of your elemental dice to craft new & unknown spells

Mercurial is an card & dice-manipulation game themed on spellcrafting with combo & engine-building mechanics. Learn magical Alteration techniques to control the chaos of your elemental dice, and use these elements to combine lesser magicks into new and unknown spells. Your combined spells can either inflict ruin, restore life, or something more — use them to perform heroic deeds, ranging from helping your allies defeat dangerous beasts, to finding a path for stranded travellers lost in the strange land of Valanyr.

In Mercurial, each player has varying capabilities and starting resources, with their differences offering a unique path to power with every journey. Delve into the fantastic world of Mercurial, and discover a new age of spellcrafting.

—description from the designer

Game Info

Players: 1 - 5
Ages: 7+
Playing Time: 40 minutes



144 letter tiles
20 torched books (red)
20 waterlogged books (blue)
1 burn tracker
1 3-minute timer
25 villain cards
2 bags
5 library cards
1 player chart


Everything in the standard and including the ones below.

Upgraded Screen-Printed Wooden Tiles
Sliding Deluxe Box
Jewel-Capped Hourglass
2x Embroidered Bags (Illiterati Logo)
Dual Layered Burn Tracker
5x Bookmarks
Absaloot Feast Promo Chef Card for Rival Restaurants

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