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Mysterium Park

Mysterium Park

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It's cotton candy, circus, dark secrets - a psychic investigation at Mysterium Park 

Mysterium Park is a cooperative game where players embody asymmetrical roles for ever-surprising game experiences. The ghost sends Visions to the Psychics through illustrated cards. The latter must interpret those cards in order to rule out the wrong suspects, and to conduct their investigation in different places so as to finally identify the murderer and the location where the crime occured. Be aware that you only have 6 nights before the funfair breaks camp. Mysterium Park is the ideal game: quick to set up and to play.

Game Info

Players: 2 - 6
Ages: 10+
Playing Time: 30 minutes


1 rulebook
5 character markers
5 player innocent markers
1 witness token
20 location cards
20 character cards
1 game board
1 turn marker
1 card holder
3 ticket tokens
60 plot cards
84 vision cards

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