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Truffle Shuffle

Truffle Shuffle

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Chocolatiers build poker-like sets of delicious looking chocolates for points

In Truffle Shuffle™, players take turns selecting chocolate truffles from a shared box, represented by a tableau of cards, as they attempt to build their own specialized boxes of truffles based on customer demands. Some information about the truffles is concealed, so players must do their best to fulfill orders efficiently before each round is over. Players can use special actions and abilities to help create the sets they need. Once three rounds have been played and three truffle boxes have been emptied, the game ends and the player who earns the most chocolate coins from fulfilling orders wins!

Game Info

Players: 2 - 4

Ages: 8+

Playing Time: 15 - 30 minutes


117 Truffle cards
4 Reference cards
36 Coin tokens
1 Rulebook

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